Bluebird Predators

The House Sparrow

Male House Sparrow

- Female House Sparrow





  • If you have a feeder up that only receives only or mostly House Sparrows as guests, consider taking it down or relocating it in a manner undesirable to House Sparrows
  • If you have a birdhouse that is only occupied by House Sparrows, consider taking it down. If you use the birdhouse for decoration, try plugging the entrance hole with an unnoticeable material (a black piece of wood would work just fine).
  • If you have a box that Bluebirds attempted to nest in but were not successful because of House Sparrows, do not allow the sparrows to nest in the house.
  • If you have a Bluebird house, try to locate it in an area not normally used by house sparrows. The best location for Bluebird house is at the edge of a clearing, away from houses, and with the box fairly low to the ground (4-8 feet. 5 feet is a good height).
  • A very important help for Bluebirds is to put up a nest box for them. This page has some nest box plans that you can make. Nest boxes are for sale in most major stores (like Wal-Mart).
  • If you are very serious about helping bluebirds you can join the NABS. There are great benefits if you are a member. Click here to find out more!