Glossary of Alpha Codes

Bluebird Alpha Codes

Alpha codes are common abbreviations for names of birds. They are often used on bluebird mailing lists, discussions, etc. You will find that knowing these is useful. Here are some of the most common alpha codes:
(We could not list them all on one page because there would be thousands)

EABL Eastern Bluebird
MOBL Mountain Bluebird
WEBL Western Bluebird
HOSP House Sparrow
TRES Tree Swallow
HOWR House Wren
EUST European Starling
OATI Oak Titmouse
TUTI Tufted Titmouse
VGSW Violet-Green Swallow
ATFL Ash-throated Flycatcher
CBCH Chestnut-backed Chickadee
MOCH Mountain Chickadee
CACH Carolina Chickadee
AMKE American Kestrel
COBO Common Barn Owl
WODU Wood Duck
AMGO American Goldfinch